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All Natural, Organic Playdough

Traditional and Gluten Free Playdough

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Best play dough ever!!! My daughter loves them! The colors, textures and smells are amazing. I couldn’t deal with the toxic smelling play dough you get in art stores. Ordering more now! Best gift for you little ones or for others!! Thank you.

Seller was super helpful and prompt with responses to questions and her turn around time was lightning fast! Product is awesome - best playdough we've ever bought!!! Thanks so much!!

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How my business came to be...

I created Homemade Playdough by Jessi after making playdough for my kids in Spring of 2016. It was raining outside and my kids wanted something different to do since they couldn’t go outside and play. Well I am a cook and a baker so I thought... Well I am creative and I can come up with something they can do. My son asked if we had any Play-Doh and we didn’t because it never failed that when we bought it, it was already dried out or only lasted a few days... So I started experimenting with different recipes and came up with my all natural, organic playdough... My kids played with it for hours which was a shock since they never play with anything very long.

My 4 year old has helped me learn so much about my playdough... The major thing is IT DOESN’T STICK IN THE CARPET! Unlike Play-Doh which got into carpet it would never come out. My playdough is not crumbly; it stays moist for hours and will keep indefinitely if it is put back into an airtight container. I will never forget the day when I was letting her play with red playdough and she was wearing a white sweater... Well she thought it would be fun to press the red playdough into her white sweater because as she said “Look mommy, stickers!” I took the chunks of playdough off her sweater and I’m not going to lie there were red spots under each “sticker”. Well I took her sweater and the rest of her laundry and put it in the wash on warm. I washed everything as I normally would and when her sweater came out of the dryer you would have never known that there was red playdough stuck to it earlier in the day.

Since I started selling my playdough, I strive to make sure everything is held at the highest standard. Play-Doh has been around for years and years but I wanted a safe and better alternative to Play-Doh. I am proud of the playdough I’ve created for my kids; I know it’s safe, easily cleaned up and has taught them to clean up after themselves. With my playdough parents don’t have to worry if their kid eats it or if their pet eats it because it is 100% all natural and organic... It does not taste good in my daughter’s opinion but some kids seem to think it does.

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