$5.00 Grab Bags

$5.00 Grab Bags

$5.00 Grab bags are a surprise in a bag! I don't even know what is in the bags once I close them up and move them around. Each bag has 1lb of playdough in it, valuing up to $10.


Each bag contains one or two of the following depending on the weight of each item:

Traditional Playdough - 1/2lb

Dazzle Dough -1/2lb

Rainbow Playdough- 1lb

Unicorn (Purple or Green) -1lb

Scented Playdough- 1/2lb

Galaxy Playdough- 1lb


Purchase one at $5 or purchase 2 and get one FREE with promo code GrabBag, that's a $30 Value for $10 (plus shipping).


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