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Gluten Free Galaxy

Gluten Free Galaxy

Homemade Gluten Free Galaxy Playdough


Galaxy Playdough is 4 different "Galaxy" colors with Non-Toxic Glitter. Each container of Galaxy Playdough is 1lb, each color is 1/4lb. Also, each color has glitter because who doesn't need some extra sparkle in their lives? You can take the colors apart and play with them separately or mixed them all together and create a whole new color (making a new color is my daughter's favorite thing to do).


Galaxy Playdough is similar to Rainbow Playdough the differences are that Galaxy Playdough is strictly "Galaxy" colors and has Non-Toxic glitter; Rainbow Playdough is 4 colors of your choice.


One of the best things about my playdough is that it comes out of EVERYTHING, including your carpet with warm water.


Note: It will come out faster with hot water but with warm water your kids can clean it up themselves, so not only will it teach them to clean up their messes when finished but it will teach them responsibility.

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