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Party Favor Bags- Traditional Playdough

Each Goodie Bag contains:
4 ounces of homemade all natural, organic playdough. You get to choose the color you would like.
1 Mini Rolling Pin
2 Plastic Dough Cutter 


Each bag is constructed after your order is placed to ensure that the playdough is nice and fresh for you. Playdough will safe soft and pliable as long as it is placed back into provided container after it is played with.


One of the best things about my playdough is that it comes out of EVERYTHING, including your carpet with warm water.


Note: It will come out faster with hot water but with warm water your kids can clean it up themselves, so not only will it teach them to clean up their messes when finished but it will teach them responsibility. 


Why try my playdough?


It’s a classic toy we all know and love, playdough is fun and educational! It helps your child develop fine motor skills, stimulates the imagination, and is a great tool for developing preschool academic skills such as letter & color recognition, shapes, and counting. 


Colors to choose from:
Cookie Dough (White)
Coal Black
Royal Blue
Sea Blue
Buckeye Brown
Lemon Yellow
Leaf Green
Sunset Orange
Cardinal Red

    Dough Cutters