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2023 Vendor Event List

The Virginia 2022 Vendor Event list is currently 35 pages long and I am adding new events everyday. Each time I update the list I will update the list here for new customers. The events are from small to large, from the Abingdon Area to Virginia Beach Area, from Washington D.C. to Danville/South Boston Areas and everything in between.  Not sure your area is included just ask. The list is a flat fee of $5 which gives you the list asap and an updated list the first week of every month so when checking out please provide your current email address. 


Once you purchase the list you will receive links to download the event list in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


There are your two options when purchasing this list:


Option 1- Pay $5 yearly and receive the list twice a month or more if I have added more than one page of events, verses once a month.


Option 2- Stick with your original $5 flat fee payment and only get the list once a month.


Please keep in mind that paying the $5 a year is OPTIONAL and NOT required. If you choose to pay yearly please let me know and I will move your email to the yearly payment list and you will receive the list multiple times a month. If you choose to stick with the one time flat fee that is perfectly fine and you will still continue to receive the list the first week of every month until you opt out.

  • Yearly Payment Option

    If you would like this list yearly please email and let me know so that your email can be added to the yearly list. You pay $5 yearly and receive the list twice a month or more if I have added more than one page of events, verses once a month.


    Thank you.

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