How To Get Playdough Out Of...

How to get playdough out of the carpet

Wet a washcloth with warm water and wipe playdough until it dissolves out of the carpet. You can also use hot water but with warm water kids can learn to clean up after themselves.

How to get playdough out of clothes

If your kids get playdough on their clothes just throw them in the laundry on warm or hot water whichever you prefer and wash as normal.

How to get playdough out of hair

Use warm or hot water ONLY on the hair until the playdough dissolves and then shampoo as normal.

How to get dried playdough off a hard surface

Just like cleaning the playdough of the carpet, use a washcloth (not a sponge) and warm water. Wipe the playdough until it dissolves off the counter. **Note** It will take a little longer for playdough to come off if it is completely dry.