Gluten Free Scented Playdough

Gluten Free Scented Playdough

We all know that playdough is fun and popular with young children but what are some other benefits of playdough for adults? 


I have started added essential oils to my homemade, all natural, gluten free playdough. Each container of scented playdough is 1/2lb.


The scents I have are:

Lemon-Yellow- Promotes positive feelings and good mood.
Orange- Orange- Evoke feelings of energy and happiness.
Lavender-Purple- Promote feelings of calmness & peace & to create a serene environment for relaxation.
Peppermint-Green- Enliven your senses with the fresh minty aroma, promoting feelings of alertness & energy.
Cinnamon- Red- A Spicy aroma is often nostalgic and evokes feelings of warmth and energy.
Drive- Teal- A stimulating combination of orange, spearmint, bergamot, rosemary, and other oils awaken the senses and promote a sense of inspiration.


I use Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils which are purity tested and quality tested. Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils are defined by their uncompromising quality, purity and aromatic excellence.


100% pure oil extracted directly from the botanical plant source
Certified to contain NO synthetics or impurities
Tested to meet stringent quality specifications every time
Each oil is traceable to its source
Harvested using sustainable and ethical practices


For three decades, Melaleuca has set the standard of quality for Melaleuca essential oil. Now we’re extending that standard to an entire line of all PURE Essential oils.


**I am not a Melaleuca Sales Rep**


Please let me know if you have any questions.


One of the best things about my playdough is that it comes out of EVERYTHING, including your carpet with warm water.


Note: It will come out faster with hot water but with warm water your kids can clean it up themselves, so not only will it teach them to clean up their messes when finished but it will teach them responsibility.